Hi, I’m Elo.

Let’s get to know each other.

I’m the Founder of YogaElo and host meaningful yoga classes and retreats all over SA and NT.

I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher and hold qualifications in Business, Marketing and HR.

My yoga journey began as a teenager and I soon realised the positive effects it had on my mind, body and soul. I was attracted to the spiritual side of it and curious to learn more. Years later I finally enrolled in a yoga teaching course and that’s where the seed was planted.

I’m on a mission to help you create the life of your dreams through yoga and meditation.

I’m passionate about self love, passion, purpose and empowerment and helping you create a life that feels right for you. I believe everyone should be able to design their own life and live their best life – even if they don’t know what that looks like yet.

I birthed this business from two things I love - yoga and connecting with people. Through yoga, meditation and intention setting, I help people discover what they really want to achieve in life aligned with their passion and purpose.

I can’t wait to connect with you soon.

Love, Elo x